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shopping with my daughter   Leave a comment

My daughter Emily who is five months pregnant asked me to go shopping with her last night so she could walk through Target and register things she wanted for the baby.
I have to say every time we are alone, just the two of us, we crack up and get silly.
it was great fun.
We also went to Wal-Mart so she could get the basics, toilet paper, paper towels and kleenex.
I didn’t get home until after eight pm, and I went upstairs and brought my two grand daughters downstairs for a little one on one time and was back upstairs and in bed by nine thirty.
The night flew by with some pretty stupid dreams to keep me company, and before I knew it, the alarm went off and another work day has begun.
it is Friday though!
And the only way this day could be better is if it was payday as well.
But alas….it isn’t.

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