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so I walked forty five minutes yesterday and got my heart rate up nicely.
I did ten sit ups, which I realize is hardly any at all but….since I haven’t exercised in years I have to start out small.
I also did some arm lifts with ten pound weights.
not a lot because I didn’t want to be sore today.
My legs are sore though from walking so fast and even though I intend to do it again today, (better shoes this time)
I am on day two without pop.
I just have to give it up because when I drink it I gain weight too easily.
I am determined to lose weight.
At least twenty pounds by July first.
Hopefully more but I think twenty pounds is pretty realistic.
twenty pounds in four months?
I think I should be able to do better than that but again I want to keep it realistic
I will keep you posted.


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