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I can feel it building up inside of me, this need for a change.
I MUST do something different.
I exist that is how I feel today
I am existing and nothing is changing.
my life is one big circle of the same old thing.
I desperately need a change.

And here is the start of it………
I am going to do something different.
It may be a year from now but I am going to find another job.
I hate it here.
hate the mundane cleaning up after kids.
I need to do something different for my own well being.

even if it means I have to take a cut in pay I will not work here a year from now.
I am positive of that.

I told my sister earlier in an email that I live the same day over and over.
I get up, I shower, get dressed and come to work
The only thing that is different from the day before is what I choose to wear and what I choose to eat.
Other than that, it is all the same

My weekends vary a bit but hardly and it usually consists of going to breakfast with my husband’s sister and her husband, going to get groceries and watching my grandchildren.
it is the same thing every single weekend.
nothing changes.

And while I know I have many blessings in the world, something has to change.
I can’t exist and just let life pass me by
I need to find something worth while for my own peace of mind.
And it is going to start with the job…………..


Posted August 22, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

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