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decision made   1 comment

I have decided if the woman wants to meet me by the airport in Cedar Rapids today at three thirty I will take the dog.
I have already named her “Maggie”  the 2-year-old little girl who has her now, has named her “Dora” but I don’t care for that name and since “Maggie” is only ten weeks old, she can get use to a new name
I need to buy a kennel for her and a dog pillow for her to lay on while we are all at home.
I hope to get a collar and leash for her to take her on walks as well but playing with her in our fenced in back yard will work too for exercise  until she gets older

get her into the vet since she hasn’t had any shots yet and find a way to keep her happy and healthy

I know a German Shepard and boxer are big dogs and that is the only draw back as far as my husband is concerned.
I personally think she will be fine.

I hope the lady calls so I can go get her today or tomorrow


I will post pictures later if I get her today or tomorrow



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To get a dog, yes or no?   2 comments

I have been debating for the last several months about getting a dog.
I have one all but mine, all I have to do is tell the woman to meet me and she will in Cedar Rapids
It is a ten week old part German Shepard and part boxer

it is a girl and I am strongly thinking of getting her

However I do have drawbacks,……. animal hair.
I HATE animal hair and having an inside dog will definitely make for animal hair
Dog crap in the yard, yes I can clean that up, but…still……..

holes in the yard… doubt with a puppy that will happen
buying a dog kennel big enough to hold her when she becomes an adult

the money issue is always there, food, toys, vet bills…..

it seems endless

and lastly my husband is not a huge animal lover and I’m not so sure he will be kind to her, although he says he will.

So …..should I get a dog?
yes or no?
I still am undecided……

 oh and my son did a bit of research and he found a guy who has Golden Retrievers, which is a dog I love!
But the man wants $700 for a pup
And while that may not seem like a lot of money, compared to the $25 this woman in Cedar Rapids wants for her pup, $700 seems like a lot

Plus if I wasn’t going on vacation here in less than three weeks……I could spend the $700 more easily?

Oh what to do, what to do?

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