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my two and a half grand-daughter and I have this little thing we do.
She runs to me and hugs me and I pick her up and I whisper to her
“Kayla do you know how much I love you?”

and she pulls back enough to look in my face and she says “I love you this much,”  as she opens her arms wide  “all the way up to the stars!  Nana, where are the stars?  I can’t see them”
I keep telling her some time at night we will go outside and I will show her the stars.
Now I am trying to get her to say that I love her more than all the stars in the sky

which is what I taught her sister when she was younger.

this little ritual we do at least a half a dozen times every weekend I see her.

I love being Nana.
It is the greatest joy of my life.

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the air has lifted, my sea is calm, I feel content and serene

the blues have left me and my senses are filled with the glorious day ahead

I am riding rainbows of beauty and counting down the days until I can go on my stress free vacation, where the only thing I will have to worry about, is where I will lay my head down to sleep each night.

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   I’m a cloud watcher.
I find clouds incredibly interesting.

I remember when I was a kid, I would lay down in the back window of my mom’s car and as she drove I would stare up at the clouds

the clouds can say so much

             at least I feel they talk to me

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she can make me smile the moment I see her

She can light the room up with her laugh

she can give me the one thing in this world I can get from no one else but her.
She is my pride and joy


she loves me unconditionally even though I make mistakes, and can be hard to deal with.

she loves me regardless of the past or something I said or did.

And she has given me the one thing no one else ever has.
My grandson Aaron.

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Wishing   Leave a comment

as the dawn breaks and the day starts a new

I am sitting here and thinking of you

I wish you were here with me, as a friend if nothing else

the sun shines brighter when you are near, unfortunately for me, that isn’t often enough

like the beautiful sunrises that bask in the sky

I need you to be fulfilled, to blossom and grow

without you here my skies are gray

I only hope you come back one day


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Just a kiss goodbye   Leave a comment

here we are, one more time,  just floating along

we try to make it work, we both know it won’t

we strive to hold on to what was

to no avail

here we are again, together you and I, and while I am standing here with you I am wondering why?

there is no answer, nothing fits

so just give me one last kiss and say goodbye.


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weep no more precious angel   Leave a comment

she cries as she tries to reach you, but you just turn away

she asks that you forgive her, and you have nothing to say

she is being punished, although she doesn’t know why

the past is in the past you say, and still you refuse to try

she cries and reaches for you, but you just turn away

so weep no more precious angel,  and learn to walk away

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one small little gift   Leave a comment

I watch you walk away and I am powerless to stop you

I yearn to hold you close and let you know how much I love you

but you don’t care, it doesn’t matter, you have your own life and I am not part of it

that is the way you want it, so that is how it will be

who am I to ache for you, when the only one who cares about us is me

you walk away, despite my pain, you live your life as you see fit

and here I stand wishing you would at least look back and give me one small little gift

a little smile, a wink, a wave, letting me know that maybe you will come back some day…….

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I don’t understand   Leave a comment

I have a delimia

well two actually

One is, I planted three lilac bushes in my back yard this last spring, and not one of them has grown.
I have somewhere between 15 and 20 lilac bushes in my back yard, one died from last year, so I planted a new bush that stood maybe three inches tall, where the one died.
I planted the other two little ones in separate places in my yard.
not one of the three is thriving.
They aren’t dead and I have used miracle grow on them to no avail.
They just will not grow

I don’t understand.

My second delimia is, I have rabbits in my yard.
They aren’t touching the lilac bushes but I planted two maple trees in my yard, and they stand maybe two or two and a half feet tall.
My husband put gates around them, so the rabbits couldn’t get to them.
Then they started eating my rose-bush, so my husband moved the gates off the maple trees and put them around the rose-bush.
Now the rabbits are eating my maple trees, reaching as far up as they can on their hind legs to get to the leaves.
Now tell me, how does one get rid of rabbits?
they don’t touch my lilac bushes, or the lilies or the hostas or my peonies bushes or  my rose of Sharon trees

but they will not leave the maple trees or the rose-bush alone

I do not understand.

this is a picture of my back yard with my husband and grand-daughter Keira in the pool.

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   after a horrible day yesterday with high humidity and temperatures today is nice and cool and crisp
I so love it.

It feels like fall is in the air and it is such a clean fresh, wonderful feeling after a day like yesterday
The sun is shining and the air is sweet and all is well in Iowa today

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