Free falling   Leave a comment

the shadows lurk just beneath the surface

as I stand tall on this precipice

I want to jump and free fall

I’m scared though and not sure if I really want that at all

I’m mixed up, screwed up and a baby most of the time

I want this, I want that, I change my mind on a dime

I want adventure, romantic love and a kiss full of passion

my life is stagnet, unromantic and unfulling, even when I’m askin’

I search, I look, I seek, I find

and all around me I see a land mine

if I step this way, who do I hurt

if I step that way, I could fall face first in the dirt

Do I dare to seek and search and find

something I can be happy with and call all mine

I’m a chicken and unmotivated and when it is all said and done

I will probably just sit here dreaming about it all and miss out on the real fun

the adventure, the excitement, the world is mine for the takin’

but I know me and I know how my mind works, and I will probably  just keep on fakin’

stay in my safe zone, and not move at all

just keep on dreaming and wishing for that free fall…………..

Posted August 23, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

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