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my love for water   Leave a comment

this photo was taken at Burgess Falls in Tennessee

  not sure where this one came from but I’m guessing Hawaii



I think this one is from Brazil


  Raven Cliff Falls in Georgia

or my beloved

Daytona beach

Where ever it is, I crave to be near the water.

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I love you   Leave a comment

come with me, my love

to the sea, the sea of love

I want to tell you just how much I love you…….

do you remember the day we met, that’s the day I knew you were my pet

I want to tell you, just how much I love you……….

Come with me, to the sea……….of  love……………

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Proud to be an American   Leave a comment

I am not all that interested in politics

I don’t watch any of that stuff on TV and I hate with a passion the endless commercials and debates when it is election time.

But I do have something to say about those who do bash our President every chance they get

He is a man, one man.
Who has dreams and is fighting to make our country a good place to live.

All I hear is how bad the economy is, how awful the job market is and why doesn’t President Obama fix things?

For starters, he has a whole congress he has to answer to and they have to give their votes of approval as well

BUT THE BIGGEST THING that everyone seems to forget is this

George W Bush put this country in the dire straights it is in now
George W Bush was the man responsible Not Barrack Obama!
Why can’t people remember this?
I just don’t get it

President Obama is still working on cleaning up Bush’s mess.
And any one who thinks differently really hasn’t been not paying attention to what has been going on the last ten years.

like I said, I am not a political person, but it burns me to hear people run down Obama.
When I feel he is doing the best he can considering what Bush did to this country when he was President!

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Through my eyes   Leave a comment

quite often I let a picture provide the back drop of what I am going to write about.
I spend time every week on the internet reading the news and checking out pictures and often down load something just because I think it is pretty
This above picture is one of those

I don’t know where it was taken, but I do know it is a very pretty place

I like to imagine myself standing behind this camera and taking this photo and wondering where it could be and what I would be thinking while I’m standing there

I’m a dreamer
I suppose it is one of the things I inherited from my mother.

She was always a dreamer

like my mother I sit here and dream of being one of those who actually lives and experiences things, instead of sitting here dreaming about them.
I think learning to surf would be awesome.
But the chicken in me probably never will learn

good thing dreaming is free


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