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Love Him (from an email my sister sent me)   Leave a comment

A terminally sick man turned to his doctor and said “I’m scared. How do I know what is waiting for me when I die?”

The doctor was at the door of his office, it was the end of the day and he was tired and ready for the long weekend
He put his hand on the door knob getting ready to open it and looked at the man, knowing his patient needed an answer
“I don’t know” The doctor said sadly
“What do you mean you don’t know? I thought you were a Christian man?”  the patient cried scared and unsure of what might come

The doctor prayed to the Lord for an answer just as there was a scratching and whining on the other side of the door
The doctor opened the door to his dog, who sprang into the room and leaped on the doctor with an eager show of happiness

The Doctor knelt down to pet his happy dog and looked up at his patient
“See my dog here?  He has never been in this room, he didn’t know what he would find inside, but yet he came in because he knew his master was here.  He had no fear he just knew he wanted to be with his master…..
I know little about what is on the other side, but I do know one thing,  I know my Master will be there waiting for me with open arms.
And that will be enough.”




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as long as I am dreaming………   Leave a comment

 take me away!
Take me some place where it is stress free and quiet.
Sounds like I need a vacation.
And while I am taking one here in a month, I just wish there was a way I could have a magic wand and get everyone to just love each other and be grateful for what they have.
I know I need to start right now and be grateful for all my blessings and to stop wishing for things that I don’t need.

Wouldn’t it be cool to just get in the car and drive though?
some place cool and sunny and stress free!

The Smokey Mountains
Or Glacier National Park?

as long as I am dreaming I might as well dream big.

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My sister   Leave a comment

here is a picture of me and my sister.
My thoughts are of her today as she has surgery.
She is nervous and unsure of it all, but I hope and pray she will be fine.
God willing of course.

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waking up   Leave a comment

I woke up this morning and stretched and thought “Hmm….it seems awful light out side for four thirty am.”
I sit up and it isn’t four thirty am it is five thirty am!

My alarm didn’t go off!
And the reason it didn’t was because I had accidentally set the alarm to afternoon and not am!
Needless to say I took the fastest bath I have ever taken and raced to be out of the door by six.
(I was)
And even though I don’t have to be at work until six thirty, I am always (99% of the time) here before six.
Hope this doesn’t mean my whole entire day is going to be off.

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