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I have another busy weekend ahead of me.
Tonight we went out for our anniversary and took our grand daughters Keira and Kayla and Emily and her family joined us.
After that we went to the park to play with the girls until their father got home.
Tomorrow we are going to Adventureland but meeting my husband’s sister and her husband for breakfast like we always do.

then tomorrow night we will have Aaron all night and my sister is thinking of coming up and staying with me as well with her three boys.
Sunday she wants everyone to go out to Lake McBride, a state park here in Solon and have a meal and visit.

Sunday night may be mine to clean and do laundry.
And before I know it, it will be Monday morning again.
But the good thing is, it will only be five days and then I will be off for ten
Got to love that

Happy weekend everyone!
I will try to write some time before Monday but no promises.

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well today is the day, 33 years ago today I married my husband for the first time.
After fourteen and a half years we divorced only to remarry three years later.
So fifteen years ago today I remarried him.
Total 29 years together as husband and wife.

we have four beautiful children, Paula is 32 and living in Wisconsin, Brian is 30 and lives in West Liberty, Matt is 25 and lives in Wilton and Emily is 22 and lives in West Liberty

We have two daughter in-laws, and Paula’s girlfriend and Emily’s boyfriend.
We have four beautiful grandchildren that are the loves of my life.

Through thick and thin and our ups and downs my husband has been faithful and loving to me.
Has it always been a marriage of bliss?
no, and it isn’t now.
I love him and care about him, but he does things that annoy the hell out of me.
As I am sure there are things I do that annoy the hell out of him.
But marriage isn’t a bushel of roses every minute of every day.
It takes work and more work and while we are lucky to have each other and the family that we have, I am sure we will keep on working to make it work till we are parted in death.
Everyone is healthy and happy and we are both blessed.

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