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Jaycee Dugard   1 comment

I just finished Jaycee Dugard’s Memoir “A Stolen Life”

it is amazing to me that one girl could be so strong and so willing to put the past behind her and live a good life.
She went through some horrific things and came out stronger on the end.
The book is a bit disturbing in places but I highly recommend it.

To me the book makes me think that I have no right to complain about one single thing in my life.
This girl lived through hell and has forgiven her captors and moved on.

What an amazing young woman!

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you don’t know me   Leave a comment

just because you know my face, doesn’t mean you know me

just because you know my name, doesn’t mean you know me

Just because we share the same blood, doesn’t mean you know me

you don’t have a freaking clue who I am or what I am about

Oh you think you do.
you think you have all the answers to all the questions, but you still don’t know me

you put me in a certain category because that is safest for you

you brush me aside and don’t deal with me because some how that makes you justified in feeling the way you do

but you don’t know me

not the real me, the person who doesn’t share every single thought

you don’t know the secrets I hold, or the way I honestly feel
And what is more, you don’t want to know

You have me labeled, which is rather strange since you hate people labeling you.

what comes around goes around and there will be a day, some day, when someone you care about it going to treat you the way you treat me.

but you won’t believe that because you think you know it all.

And you know nothing.

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