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My God this getting old stuff is taking its toll on me.
I am so sick of hurting myself by doing little things that I do every day and all of a sudden I am in horrific pain
Take Friday night.
I am up on a ladder cleaning pictures and shelves that these pictures are on.
I go to get down and my left knee will not bend.
The more I try and bend it, the more horrific the pain is.
I am literally crying as I am trying to move with my knee locked in place.
finally after a few moments that feel like hours, it does bend.
Now I can’t walk on it or extend the leg out, without the horrific pain returning.
I am beside myself with aching.

Finally the leg calms itself down.
I prop it up and ice it and take my Aleve

All night long as I sleep I wake up with this pain in my knee on the left side

it hurts clear to my toes and up the back of my leg.

I put a brace on to walk and help baby it, but I can’t bend the leg without the horrible pain returning.
And I can only put weight on the leg if I keep the leg stiff and straight as I walk.
No walking normal for me.
I literally have to drag my left leg behind me to walk.

Now here it is Monday and I am waiting for the doctor’s office to open to make an appointment to be seen.
Not only does the leg hurt, but my lower back hurts as well, due to what I can only assume is from walking funny to compensate my left leg.
The knee is still swollen clear down to my foot.
The ankle bone can hardly be seen because the foot is swollen.

I probably shouldn’t be walking on it, but I do have to get around.
There is no way I can walk up stairs without walking like my left leg is made of cement.
if my knee bends or twists I am howling in pain.

So very sick of this body of mine giving out on me.
Seems like a complete betrayal.

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