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sitting here   Leave a comment

   I am sitting here in the living room, Keira is aleep at my side and Kayla is asleep on the air mattress about two feet from me
Keira climbed on top of me about four am, to sleep
She tends to do that in the middle of the night.
Wake up enough to find where I am and then get as close to me as possible.
Both girls have been sleeping for almost eleven hours.
They both were out by eight thirty last night.
but they didn’t have naps yesterday so that made them extra tired

Emily is upstairs sleeping in my bed, because she and Adam had a fight.
Not sure if they are going to work or not
Adam says it is over and intends to fight for full custody of their fifteen month old son.
I hope he changes his mind but he is pretty upset right now and is not considering being reasonable.

Young love is hard to deal with at times.
hell love at any age is hard to deal with at times.

Rick has been upstairs in bed since before nine pm last night.
He slept quite a bit yesterday too, and while he says he feels fine, I often wonder if he is being completely honest with me.
He didn’t get to bed till two am on Friday night though, so maybe he is just playing catch up.
Seems to need a lot of sleep, but…..

as for me, I have been up since before six, showered and dressed and waiting for my beautiful grand daughters to wake up so we can begin our day.

I won’t wake them up.
They can get up any time they want to
The rooms are dark enough it looks like it is night-time still……..

I am doing laundry and can read quietly until they all decided to get up.
Happy Sunday

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2 weeks from today   Leave a comment

  two weeks from today I will be heading to North Liberty to pick up my sister and we will be on the road with in the hour to Colorado.
It seems so far away yet, but yet it still feels like it is with in my grasp
I am looking forward to it.
Just to spend the days relaxing and sight-seeing and just enjoying the time off of work and with my sister


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I wish someone would have told me………..   Leave a comment

I wish someone would have told me, that becoming a mother, means you know longer have control of your own emotions.
I wish someone would have told me that having a child means your life no longer matters as much
I wish someone would have told me all the answers so that I could ease the pain and suffering my children have to go through
I wish someone would have told me that being a mother can be heartbreaking.

I wish someone had told me all the facets of being a mother, so that I would have been prepared for every situation and could have had the right answers and the right way to respond to the questions they asked.

being a mother is painful and full of ups and downs
Yes it can be extremely wonderful, but it can hurt like hell too

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The Canyon/ Frozen   Leave a comment

I watched the movie “The Canyon ” and while it was a quite a bit like “The Reef” it centered around a couple lost in The Grand Canyon and not the ocean
It was decent for the type of movie it was.
“The Reef” was decent too
In both movies I think they made really dumb mistakes

I also watched “Frozen” about three young adults that get caught up on a ski lift after hours, and how they survive (Or don’t)  survive it

all three movies in their own way tested the elements
Tested the person’s strengths and weakness

the wilderness around them and their faith in themselves and who they are with.

none of these movies were award-winning movies.
but they were decent.

Kept me entertained anyway.

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