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I had my two grand daughters Keira who is 5 and Kayla who is two and a half, last night by myself while my husband and son and his wife and daughter and her boyfriend went up to the state fair in Des Moines to see Def Leopard

they all said it was a good time but my two little girls didn’t have naps yesterday so they were quite the drama queens before bedtime last night.
I was hoping they would think about crashing by seven or eight but nope they both stayed up till nine

they did sleep till seven-thirty this morning so they both got a really good nights sleep

Keira called out for me once so I went to sleep with them at two thirty this morning.
And then Kayla had her usual crying between five and seven, where she cries out like she is having bad dreams.

Right now Kayla is watching “Dora” and Keira went on a walk with grandpa so he could read the meters he has to read every day at work
Keira rode her bike, which she is doing wonderfully with as she has learned to ride her bike without training wheels.

I love my little girls so much, but they were a handful by myself last night.


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