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I just watched this movie called “The Reef” about five people who went out on a boat, only to have it capsize and four of the five decide to swim 12 miles in the ocean to an island they had been at before the boat sank
The fifth person stayed with the boat.

needless to say they all died but one, (which this is supposed to be a true story)

but she got to watch the other three die.

No way in hell would I try to swim anywhere.
I would have been the one going down with the boat.
I would not be able to swim in the ocean for hours on end.
I just couldn’t do it.
If the sharks started swarming I would go mad.

literally lose my mind

So I would stay with the ship, and when the sharks started swarming then, I would kill myself.
Plain and simply.


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grandchildren time   Leave a comment

had all four grandchildren for a while last night and Aaron stayed over night.
It was a treat because usually he doesn’t.
He is so sweet and talking so much
Love that little fella

Keira and Kayla will be staying the night tonight.
That will be enjoyable as well.
Just to spend one on one time with them and interacting with them and watching them learn and grow.
such a treat

I am lucky to have my grandchildren all close to me.

Mirielle made this cute little book for Aaron.
She is quite an artistic girl.
And while she is extremely spoiled and thinks every thing should revolve around her, she is so smart and cute.

As they all are.
Being grandma to these four children is a gift from God

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