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Mountain world   3 comments

  I can see myself standing here and breathing in the cool crisp morning air and staring at this incredible beauty

  I will be standing here in two weeks and I can’t wait to just get back to nature and enjoy the beauty of life in Colorado

  there is something about mountains that make me feel at peace.

I should live near mountains.


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blue   Leave a comment

not sure what is up with me of late.
I am still fighting this blue mood.
I am still feeling like I hate everything.

I so need a vacation!
Eleven days from today and we will be about ready to hit the road.

I feel tired a lot.
Unhappy and just simply blue

I don’t know what the problem is.
I don’t feel like everything is hopeless, I just feel like  “What the fuck is it all for?”
Pardon the language.

On an up note, my sister just stopped by and it was good to talk about our upcoming vacation.
can’t wait and seeing her put me in a bit of a better mood.

Posted August 24, 2011 by Marge in ramblings