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so today online I have been looking at Apple I pads, nooks, and smart phones.
I want a wi-fi of some sort that I can carry with me at all times.
My son said the Apple I pad, is not worth the money.
My sister swears by the nooks, (but I don’t have that kind of money at this moment, due to saving for vacation)  and smart phones look great but I was told I can not upgrade, until my two years is up.
(I just upgraded in March)

so…..I am now looking at a tablet at Wal-Mart that has a ten inch screen and wi-fi and an e-reader

this might be what I will get.
It is less than three hundred.
The Nook would be close to five hundred.

what to do?
Think I will just shop around and see what I can find……..

this is something I want to get before I go on vacation so I have internet access at all times.
And I don’t want to take my laptop

I want something smaller to carry in my purse.
Don’t I sound spoiled?


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doctor’s verdict   Leave a comment

well I went to the doctor yesterday and his verdict is that while I sprained my knee enough to inflame the nerves, it is mostly arthritis and there isn’t anything they can really do for that.
He suggests swimming and losing weight.
Which of course I know I need to lose weight.
that is a given.
So once again I am going to strive really hard to lose the weight.
My doctor said I really only need to lose thirty-five to forty pounds, not the fifty or fifty-five I think I need to lose.

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