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The little things mean the most   Leave a comment

tonight Aaron and I went for a walk around the block.
The very first time he and I have done that.
He is going to be fifteen months old in fourteen days and he is such a little love

I treasure him so much

on our walk, sometimes he would hold my hand but most of the time he wanted to just walk by himself.
Several times he stopped and picked up little treasures, a small leaf, that he handed to me, several rocks and a little stick, that he gave to me.
I will treasure them all forever.

He is so sweet and wonderful as are my three grand daughters.
But just the little time it was him and me tonight was magnificent!

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no water again   Leave a comment

we don’t have water here at my job due to a main break again.
They say we will have it back up and running in the next hour or so.
I sure hope so
The thought of going in one of those porta potties doesn’t appeal to me at all.
But I suppose if I have to I have to.
The thing of it is I won’t unless it is an emergency
Is it Friday yet?

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