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The Mountain Between Us   Leave a comment

I just finished this book “The Mountain Between Us”
Very good book
Nearly excellent!
I enjoyed it so much it was very hard to put it down.
I read it in less than twenty-four hours, (with sleeping and leaving the book at work so I was unable to read it at home.)
Charles Martin paints a picture so well it was as if I was there with the characters on that mountain.
A very good read!
I recommend it!

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humidity   Leave a comment

the humidity is coming back

I’m not crazy about humidity.
In fact I hate it.

It isn’t horrible, but since I have been working all morning I am sweating like crazy.
If I was just enjoying the day it would be nice outside.

but I expect it to get down right hot again before Fall comes.
School starts tomorrow and we have to have hot days, because Mother Nature just seems to think it is needed.

I personally wouldn’t care if it ever got hotter than 80 degrees.
But then again, I don’t get to vote

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last day of freedom   Leave a comment

today is it, the very last day of freedom for teachers and staff because school starts tomorrow.
hard to believe.
Don’t know where the summer went to and I worked the entire summer!
The teachers all said it went fast and it went fast for me as well.

this is our final year at Roosevelt Elementary and then they are going to close the school

next year I will be driving four miles west of here, four miles further from my home.
not sure if it will be quicker to take the interstate to Coralville every day or go through all these stop lights to get to the new school


guess I have plenty of time to figure that out.

Happy Wednesday!

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