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I woke up with back spasms.

not sure why but they sure are painful.

My sister wrote on her blog how she would love to be in Florida right now
Me too.
I have completely lost my tan and am now a pale face again.
I love being tan, it gives me a false sense of being healthy
speaking of being healthy, why can’t I be one of those people who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight?
Wouldn’t that be awesome?
unfortunately I have my mother’s metabolism and everything I eat shows on my over weight body.


I hate being fat

Max spent the night in our bed last night and did really well.

I got up to take him outside at twelve thirty and then he was being feisty and wanting to bite my fingers for a good hour after that but I finally put him between Rick and I and turned my back on him and he settled down against my back and went to sleep

I put him in the bathroom with me while I took my bath this morning and he whined all the time because he wanted to be next to me
I told him he wouldn’t like the water but in all reality he probably would

here is a picture I took last night of Max and Mirielle

she thinks he is the greatest little puppy in the world.
(Keira and Kayla haven’t seen him yet) and Aaron is a bit afraid of Max because Max likes to bite toes.

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