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My husband’s nephew passed away today May 15th.
He was 39 years old.
We haven’t gotten the results back yet from the autopsy but he was mowing the lawn and had to sit down because he was having problems breathing.
He called his wife and told her he couldn’t breathe very well and then she said he took two gasps and quit talking to her.

She raced home to find him already gone.

Last month Jason had the coronavirus.

I’m wondering if that did something to his lungs or heart?

Regardless it is so sad that this young man’s life has ended.

He grew up with my kids.

My eldest son Brian and Jason played a lot together.

For a while they were best friends.


He was married with three kids.

His sons are over eighteen and his daughter is fifteen.

Rest in Peace Jason.

You will be missed.


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Got off of work at six and dyed my hair and then slept for two hours after I showered.

It is a warmer day, going to hit seventy and it is cloudy and muggy.

I need a few groceries but I haven’t made up my mind yet if I want to take the time or the money to go and get them

Nothing major just a few small things.

Rick is watching my three younger grandkids so I have the house to myself.

Which is nice

But again I feel a bit out of sorts in the sense that I am floundering.

I mentioned something like it the other day in a blog.

I feel it more often than not.
And maybe it has to do with the social distancing and not being allowed to do much of anything.

I don’t know.

Maybe it has to do with working third shift and not seeing everyone as much as I would like?

Ahh life……

Wish I was rich….






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My husband and I went to Iowa City this morning to Menards.
ON our drive there he said, “Sure wish we were driving to Florida right now”
I said “Me too”
If only.

They said that the temps in Daytona were going to be in the nineties.

That is better than this cold thirty degree crap that we have to deal with.

it is almost the middle of April and we still have freezing temperature.

I could easily quit my job, load up our three younger grandkids and drive to Florida for a week.

I have to take them because their mother starts back to work tomorrow after being off six weeks due to her brain surgery.

if only we could go to Florida.

Darn it.

me too

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Keira and Kayla came over today and spent about five hours with me.
They just left and went home with their father.

It is always great to see them and with this coronavirus going around it is hard to find time to see them

This morning I was outside and could feel myself getting quite warm in the sun even though it was a very cool windy day.
All afternoon my grand daughters and I were outside and now I can’t get warm.

I assume it is to do with being tired but I think I may have gotten a touch of too much sun too because it always makes me tired.

I love it.

Don’t get me wrong.
The sun brings such warmth and comfort to me.

I worked in the yard a bit today too.
Sure wish the seventies would come back and stay.

Not sure when I will see Keira and Kayla again.

Probably not for another week or more.



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Well after having a beautiful perfect day yesterday and a beautiful half day today, it has gotten freezing cold again outside.

I heard we may even get snow on Sunday.
Say it isn’t so!

I hate going back to freezing after these last two days.

I started noticing that it was getting colder when the wind picked up from the North.

This was around two o’clock this afternoon.

Now it is blistery and cold again.

I DETEST this weather.

Sure if it was in January or any winter month I could handle it.

But it is almost the middle of April.

We have had such glorious weather.
WHY must we go back to cold?

I just want to cry………………


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Okay I have to admit I am tired of living in this twilight zone.

I am tired of things being so weird.

Yes I am grateful that people are staying home and not spreading this God awful virus but I am ready for it to be done and over with.


I know I am lucky that I can go to my job and get paid for it.

I do know that.

But every other aspect of this life is just insane.

How long is this going to last?

I know I am one of millions who feel this way……


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me too

I’m aching to be sitting here on the wonderful Florida beaches.

I yearn for the surf and sand.

The warm sunshine and just to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.



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