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on craigslist in Dubuque there is a person who has three small saint Bernard’s she wants to sell.

2 females and one male.

I have inquired twice about getting the male pup but the person isn’t getting back to me.

Why are they posting the pups if they don’t want to have someone buy them?

I LOVE Saint Bernard’s.

I want one desperately and Rick, my husband has agreed to it.

Darn it.
Sure wish they would get back to me.


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Endless~   Leave a comment

I feel like I need a vacation.

It is an endless feeling.

It doesn’t have to be to a beach…..although I do miss Florida.

But since the coronavirus is running rapid there I can’t see going there.

I yearn to get into my car and just drive west.

Love the idea of it.

Unfortunately it can’t happen any time soon.

Well starting next week I am going to start working twelve hour shifts.

I have done three before and with working twelves, I will work less.

This coming week it will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and then next week will be Sunday and then not again until Friday and Saturday.

So I will have Monday through Friday at six off.

A great time to just take off.

Doubt it will happen though.

But it is nice to dream…..


Maybe some time soon……

utah home

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I am very attracted to water.

It doesn’t even have to be the ocean, it could be a lake or pond.

I just love to be in and around water.

Granted I prefer the ocean but a lake or pond would work too.

Hell a swimming pool would work right now.

I just am drawn to water.




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Pause~   Leave a comment

So yesterday afternoon I was thinking how great it would be to go to Florida for a week in September.

I even was very close to booking the airplane tickets and reserving a hotel room

And then I paused.

Oh yeah we are a world full of coronavirus.

We are not a healthy country.

Going to Florida might be one of the worst things to do right now.

And what fun would it be to go and not get to walk the beach because it is closed?
So I took pause, and changed my mind.

Sadly we won’t be going to Florida this year although I would love to.


The airline tickets were very cheap and the hotel rooms weren’t that bad either.

But alas…..not this year……


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I was at work last night and it dawned on me that I always start Christmas shopping in July and it is now July.

I know, I am slow.

Anyway I started buying a few little things on line for my soon to be two year old grand daughter.

That is as far as I have gotten.

Bailey who will be 6 in August told me what she wanted today for her birthday so I ordered it online.

So she is done for her birthday.

Soon I will think about and work on more Christmas things.

But it is nice to get started.

I know, some may say “WHY now? it is only July?”

But it is easier for me money wise if I do it over several months.

That way it doesn’t seem so daunting in December.


christmas tree


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In A World Of Trouble~   Leave a comment

As I knew it would, the coronavirus has escalated since things have opened up

It is insane to me and so unnecessary.

People say it was necessary is necessary for things to open to save the economy.

Yeah well people are dying.

To me that seems like it is a hell of a lot more important.

I lost my nephew to this virus.

It is real and it is dangerous.

And it is just getting worse.

It is incredibly sad.

I will admit I don’t wear a face mask except to work when I am around the residents.

I hate wearing it and I feel like it prevents me from breathing well.
But if it saves one life, one elderly person or one of my grandchildren then that is worth it.


This country is going to hell in a hand basket and I blame Trump for that.

God willing he will not win the election in November.

We need someone who needs and knows how to lead this country.

Trump hasn’t been nor ever was that person.

God willing.



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Damn Responsibility~   Leave a comment

My youngest daughter and her family are going to Minnesota over the 4th of July weekend because her in laws live there and they want to visit with them.

It would be a perfect time for my husband and I to fly to Florida for six days.

He watches the kids while my daughter and her husband work.

So he wouldn’t have any responsibilities to stay in Iowa.

I however work two of the six days and I could either try and trade with someone to get them off or just call in sick both days.

It would be easy enough to do both.
BUT in flying to Florida I would be spending almost two thousand for the tickets and hotel room and then we always take a thousand for spending money.

However Rick still wants his garage and taking three thousand for a short vacation seems a bit insane when he wants his garage.


Not to mention my calling in sick to work…..

My conscience probably won’t let me call in anyway…..

But it is tempting.

Still the responsible thing to do is to not go and not spend that money



Hate being a adult some days.



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Today was the perfect day weather wise.

I honestly don’t think it could be any better.

Just beautiful

The temp was about 74 with a very slight breeze and full sunshine.

Just loved it.

I worked in the yard, sunbathed a bit and just basked in the gloriousness of it.

Went to Iowa City, and Durant this morning to have breakfast with Matt and his oldest daughter Keira.

It was a very nice even tempo day….no stress a lot of sunshine and just perfect.

Love days like this.
Wish it never got warmer than 80 degrees.



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My husband’s nephew passed away today May 15th.
He was 39 years old.
We haven’t gotten the results back yet from the autopsy but he was mowing the lawn and had to sit down because he was having problems breathing.
He called his wife and told her he couldn’t breathe very well and then she said he took two gasps and quit talking to her.

She raced home to find him already gone.

Last month Jason had the coronavirus.

I’m wondering if that did something to his lungs or heart?

Regardless it is so sad that this young man’s life has ended.

He grew up with my kids.

My eldest son Brian and Jason played a lot together.

For a while they were best friends.


He was married with three kids.

His sons are over eighteen and his daughter is fifteen.

Rest in Peace Jason.

You will be missed.


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Got off of work at six and dyed my hair and then slept for two hours after I showered.

It is a warmer day, going to hit seventy and it is cloudy and muggy.

I need a few groceries but I haven’t made up my mind yet if I want to take the time or the money to go and get them

Nothing major just a few small things.

Rick is watching my three younger grandkids so I have the house to myself.

Which is nice

But again I feel a bit out of sorts in the sense that I am floundering.

I mentioned something like it the other day in a blog.

I feel it more often than not.
And maybe it has to do with the social distancing and not being allowed to do much of anything.

I don’t know.

Maybe it has to do with working third shift and not seeing everyone as much as I would like?

Ahh life……

Wish I was rich….






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