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with one of my favorite actors


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Jackie, seen above on the left, was kind enough to host the gathering this month for our monthly sister time.

Seen here with my brother Ric who lives in Canada, and wasn’t here, and my sister Cyndi

this is me on the left with Wanda (who wasn’t there on Sunday) and Kathy who did make it to the gathering this time.

this is Cyndi, Ric and Carolyn my eldest sister and also Jackie’s mother.

it is always great to get together and learn what is new and going on with each other and just cut up and laugh.

I treasure my sisters more so now since we lost Linda.

shown here with her daughter Andrea.

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I so love……..   Leave a comment

a pretty picture.

sometimes it just speaks to me.

like this one above

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My Sweet Lord   Leave a comment

I can not imagine my life if I didn’t have my Lord in it.
I talk to Him at least twice every day.

the first time usually is before I even get out of bed, although not always.

sometimes I talk to Him through out my day when I need a little boost of strength

I always talk to Him before I go to sleep at night.
And I honestly can’t imagine it any other way.
My Lord gets me through everything.

He is my foundation and I just can’t imagine a life where I didn’t have Him to talk to.
I need Him, like I need air to breathe.

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sunshine and snow   Leave a comment


I miss the sunshine and I hate the thought of more snow.

although the weatherman assures us there will be no accumulation this time or the time on Friday.

let’s hope they are right

even though we had a very mild winter, I am so ready for spring.

AND  I noticed flowers coming up in my yard.

not good.

that means when they need to come up in April, they won’t.
Darn it.

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I was in bed by seven forty-five last night, due to not sleeping well at all on Sunday night.
I watched the Oscars and was in bed by eleven that night but I got up at two to let Max out and I never got to sleep after that.

and I worked hard yesterday as I always do when there are no kids here at the school.

So I was in bed early than got up at midnight to let Max out and slept straight through till five this morning.
What a good feeling to be rested.

today there is parent teacher conferences all day so there will be people in and out of here

the only thing I have to do is clean the gym and kitchen floors

and that will take me about an hour or so.

then I will be looking for things to do because as I said, people will be in and out all day and that leaves a lot of places I can’t get to and keep clean.

still having a relaxing day is nice as well.

I still long for warmer temperatures and a lot of sunshine, but I guess since we aren’t even into March yet, I shouldn’t complain.

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