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sail away   Leave a comment

in my next life I am going to own a sail boat so I can spend hours on the water and relaxing in its beauty.

I say the next life because I get motion sickness so easily in this life.

still it would be awesome to have a sail boat and take day trips across the ocean


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Keefers pictures   Leave a comment

I love these Keefers pictures that are full of motion

they make me smile.

especially the ones of roses

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Revisiting Hawaii   Leave a comment

after watching the George Clooney movie last night which was filmed in Hawaii, it just makes me that much more anxious to go visit that beautiful place

In three years we will with my sister-in-law and her husband.

it will be awesome!

Love the beaches and the beautiful water and just the warmness of Hawaii.
Can’t wait!

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The Descendants   Leave a comment

Rick and I went to see “The Descendants” again last night.
I actually liked the movie better the second time.

but the first time I saw it, was right after my sister Linda passed away and that was still too fresh in my mind to be able to process the movie like it needed to be.

seeing it again last night, showed how great George Clooney did in it.
not to mention the girl who played his daughter.

I recommend it.

Posted February 29, 2012 by Marge in ramblings