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Rhode Island lottery winner   Leave a comment

so powerball was $325 million dollars and I did my good deed and bought two tickets

I got up yesterday and heard that someone in Rhode Island bought the only winning ticket.

I just can’t fathom how anyone could spend that many millions
Granted after taxes chances are it would be more like 100 million, but still, can anyone spend that kind of money in one lifetime?

I said to my husband yesterday, “What do you suppose that person in Rhode Island is doing this morning?”

planning on how to spend it?
Sick with happiness?
vomiting with worry of how to keep it all to themselves?

planning a fantastic vacation?

I have said it before and I will say it again, I don’t think the lottery company should ever let it get that high.
I mean really
Who needs 100 million dollars?

Why not let it go to $5 million and then have a winner

that is still a bit over $2 million after taxes.

let there be more winners and fewer people getting this exceptionally high winnings.

Okay maybe I am a bit jealous of that person in Rhode Island, but seriously, wouldn’t every one benefit if they had 20 people winning $5 million instead of one person winning $100 million?


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more snow   Leave a comment

we have no reason to complain, we have had such a mild winter that it hardly seems like it is winter in Iowa

the weatherman says up to two inches.
I think it will be nice to see the ground white again instead of that brown stuff.
yes green grass and budding trees would be even better but since we are only in February, we can’t expect it to be tropical.


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my darling Keira   1 comment

since Keira has been in kindergarten she has had some run ins with a little girl who has been her friend and playmate since she was a small child.

this girl Sammy, is the daughter of a woman who is friends with Keira’s mother.

Anyway this Sammy is a popular girl who wants everything her way and tends to get it.
She is a leader and very confident in who she is and the other kids tend to gravitate towards her.

Keira is strong-willed too, but the two of them clash when Sammy wants to be the boss.
most of the girls in Keira’s small class of 20 want to be with Sammy because Sammy is the popular girl.

Every time I see her, I ask Keira how things are going with Sammy (If it is just Keira and Sammy, they get along  great, they even have stayed over night with each other)

usually Keira tells me that Sammy is rude and not nice
I have told Keira from day one, that she doesn’t need Sammy and that she is perfect all by herself and not to do something she doesn’t feel is right, just to be in Sammy’s little “group”

So yesterday when I saw her I asked how things were with Sammy
She says to me “Not good, Sammy is bossy and rude”
and I said “Okay, well you don’t need her, you are perfect all by yourself” And she said to me
“I play tag by myself.  My left leg chases me around and when it catches up with me, then it is my right leg that is “it” and it chases me around the playground”
I smiled and kissed her and thought, how wonderfully innocent she is.
My grandchildren are exceptional
And I am a very blessed woman

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a nook   1 comment

okay I did it, I broke down and bought a nook from

I have five smaller bookcases full of books so over flowing that some are laying on top of others

(I have about 25 I haven’t read yet) and last year I even gave a bunch to Goodwill

I belong to two different book clubs and still have my gift card from Christmas to use, from my sister.
I love to read.
I love books, but seriously, I bought the nook because I just have no more room for books!
I just have to simplify things and buying the nook will hopefully do that.
I need to go back through the books I do own and see which ones I MUST keep and which ones I can take to Goodwill.
there just is no reason to be so over crowded in my little den

So while I thought I would NEVER own a nook, because I love owning books, I am convinced a change needs to take place
Besides, the space I am saving with the nook can always be used for something else.

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Ick   1 comment

this is how I feel today, plain and simply, ick.

my throat hurts, I feel like my head is about three times bigger than it should be, I ache every where and I just feel like I would like to go to sleep and not wake up for days.

I hardly have a voice and while I keep it moist and keep taking my Tylenol and aleve, I still feel icky

Friday was the flu, Saturday was aching and tired and then Sunday was this sore throat and just not feeling well.

guess I could say it is nice to get the flu and cold out-of-the-way all at once, but I honestly don’t feel that way.
I am ready to go back and feel my normal self again.

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