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I hope I am not getting ahead of myself by saying this but I think Max has finally gotten the idea that he must go outside to go potty.

last night while I was scrubbing the living room floor he started whining
I said “What?  What do you need?” and he ran to the back door and sat there.
I followed him and said “Do you need to go potty?” And he jumped up on to the door like he was saying  ‘open it already!’

I do hope this is a good sign.

now if I can just get him to quit biting.

I bought him some small bones to chew on and that worked pretty well last night until he dropped the bone and went to bite on my foot instead.

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they say we are supposed to be getting more snow today and tonight.

first they said 4-8 inches north of the interstate and now they are saying 2 inches for our area.

I realize we will get what we get, but it would be nice if spring came early this year and the temperatures warmed up nicely.

I am ready to get out and start walking again.

this old body needs the exercise.

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I wonder what he is thinking?

  flowers bring me happiness

   I love the color green

   I love the four seasons and nature

  I fall in love every single day more and more with my grandchildren

they bring me such joy and I treasure them all so much!

    I love my Utah

        I love the beach

I love the mountains

and I just love to travel

I love the man who sleeps beside me every night

I love my siblings and mother

and last but certainly not least

I love the four beautiful children I gave birth to


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with the death of my former co-worker Tom, I have been reminded once again how fragile our lives are.

I feel so badly knowing he is gone from this earth.
He hadn’t even been retired two years, and now he is gone.
It bothers me greatly.

My husband is retiring in 22 weeks (he reminds me nearly every day of the number)

and I told him last night, his retiring scares me because I want him to stay active and not let himself become a couch potato and therefore die earlier than he should.
He said to me “Well Tom was 66” 
Rick will be 55 in July
but a very good friend of his died at 56 almost three years ago, so there is no certain number that claims those lives.

It has also gotten me to thinking about where I want to be in my life.

who I want to be in it and how important my children and grandchildren and siblings are to me.
We must live in the moment and not let life drag us down in the day-to-day mundane habits we have gotten ourselves into.

Every one I love knows I love them.
But there is one person out there who I never can tell enough that I love her.

So if you are reading this Paula just know that your mother loves you very much and I hope you are doing well and are happy.

and I miss you.
love Mom

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so here in three years my sister-in-law and her husband will be married 25 years and they asked us to go to Hawaii with them.

I was talking to one of the teachers here at the school the other day about Hawaii and she said she and her husband flew over there and then took a cruise ship around to all of the islands.

she said the cruise ship was their hotel and would travel at night  (when they were sleeping) to the next island.

that sounds appealing to me.

I would love to see all the islands.
I am looking forward to the trip.

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I got my summons in the mail yesterday that I may have to serve Jury Duty on March 21st

I have to tell you I find the entire legal system fascinating  but I hope I don’t have to serve this time around.

I am taking a certified nurses aide refresher course that week and if I have to serve and it runs into that Thursday then I will miss my class

so I am hoping I won’t have to serve.


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to know know know me, is to love love love me, just to see me smile, should make your life worthwhile, yes just to know me, is to love love love me, and I do , yes I do and I do.

this song is stuck in my head.

and I again wonder, does anyone really know anyone?

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