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and we would never leave the bedroom!
And the lights would always be off so he couldn’t see all my flaws

Ha ha


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my husband and I went to see the movie “The Grey” again yesterday.
This time we met my sister Cyndi there.
The movie is done so well and the story just gets to me.
I just know that I would have to be the one who stayed back and protected the plane and not ventured out into the freezing arctic cold to find something that doesn’t exist.

still it was a really good movie

and it makes me scared to death of wolves.

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   and grandchildren!
The loves of my life!

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me and Maxine agree on this one!

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I got my little handsome man yesterday afternoon

isn’t he so precious?
His name is Maximus Andreas and he is ten weeks old

such a wonderful little handsome boy

I had to set my alarm to get up with him in the middle of the night to let him out to go potty and I told my husband this morning it is like having a newborn in the house again

he ate some last night but didn’t eat this morning before I went to work so that makes me a bit nervous

he is only three pounds though so I suppose it takes very little to fill him up

He isn’t supposed to get bigger than twelve pounds

He is such a sweetie

one thing he does is bite pant legs and toes and your ears if he gets close enough to them.

so I have to get him to break that little habit but I know we will be fine.


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