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oh how I wish   Leave a comment

my youngest daughter told me last night, she is re-thinking things with Aaron’s father.
She said Adam is being sweet and fun to be around and she finds she likes spending time with him now

She is dating another guy named Jason, and while he is a nice enough kid, I do so wish she would go back to Adam and make her family whole again

of course it isn’t up to me and she will do what she wants.

but I would love to see them get married and have another baby and make Aaron’s world whole again

Maybe one day?


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not to forget her   Leave a comment

of course there is Mirielle, who is a pretty and extremely smart 9-year-old that I love too

She is pretty spoiled and set in her ways but when it is just the two of us, she shows me what a deep thinker she is.

she is a good artist and I am quite positive that she can do or be anything she wants.

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the most handsome boy in the world   Leave a comment

   from a chubby six month old to

to a happy boy a year ago


the most handsome wonderful little boy in the entire world.

I love my grandson Aaron so much
Like his cousins, I fall in love with him more and more every day.

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My loves   Leave a comment

they can go from this to



I have the world in the palm of my hand, with these two beautiful grand daughters

I fall in love with them more and more every time I see them.

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my little fur ball Maximus Andreas, is finally getting the hang of where he can go potty at.

he still had one accident last night but I think that is because he has learned to climb steps and doesn’t want to be bothered to take the time to go poop, after he pees.

I had him sleeping with me and my husband but he pee-ed in the bed the other night (I get up every four hours with him to take him outside) so my husband and I decided he needed to be kennel at night.
I may try the bed again over the weekend just to see how he does.

I love him dearly and now if I could only break him of biting at people’s pant legs, we will have accomplished all the little hurdles.

He is a wonderful loyal dog.
If he isn’t sitting in my lap he is sitting at my feet, when he gets tired of playing.
Love him like the new-born little fella he is.

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on the road again   Leave a comment

so I have decided I am going to go to Arizona and visit the Grand Canyon in May over my birthday.
I was debating about it and just decided, why not?
save my pennies and hit the road

I will drive through my beloved Utah but probably not stop and visit anywhere, because I want this trip to center around the Grand Canyon

My mother loved the Grand Canyon so much, so I need to see it, if only because of her


hopefully my husband will go with me, but if he doesn’t I will just go alone

My plan is to drive to Texas over through New Mexico and up to the Grand Canyon in Arizona

then drive on to Nevada, and Utah and through Colorado and Nebraska to get back home.

I can’t wait!

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the devil is riding on my back   Leave a comment

I’ve come to the conclusion it is the devil playing havoc with my emotions and my being discontent.

he is riding my back, hanging on for dear life yelling “YEE HAW!” as he if he thinks I am going to listen to him.
Wrong, not happening.

yes I was down and blue yesterday, wishing for that elusive dream

but today I am bound and determined to give that devil a kick in the pants and send him on his way.

I have too many things to be grateful for and happy about, to let the doom and gloom of the devil get me down.


Lord please lift me up and keep me flying positive!
Help me to always remember that there are so many people worse off than I am.
I have my health, my family is healthy, all my children are happy and have someone to share their lives with

I have four wonderful healthy grandchildren and a man who loves me.
My home is nice, I live in a place where I can live freely and my siblings are all doing well.

Please Lord keep me content and happy in all my blessings and keep me strong enough to keep the devil out of my heart and mind

in your son Jesus Christ’s name I pray Lord


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