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I’d like to be in a capsule big enough to hold me and a few necessities in life, and be dropped out in the middle of the ocean and live in my little capsule and watch what happens to the marine life under the sea.

I have thought about this quite a bit of late, and I think it would be incredible to see

nothing could get to me, no sharks or anything that could harm me, and I could just observe the ocean floor for a few weeks.

wouldn’t that be cool?

of course I think it would be cool to go to outer space as well.

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  if you could change the path you took to get you to this moment in time, would you change it?
if you could take back things that you said and did, would you do it?
if you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently?
as you look back in that rearview mirror are you happy with where you are today?
If not, what would you change?

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so in three years we are supposed to be going to Hawaii with my husband’s sister and her husband.
And I am curious, which is the best island to go to?
We want to see whales and my sister-in-law Brenda said that she knows a woman who goes to Hawaii every November and the whales are plentiful then

I hope whenever we do go, that we will see a lot of whales.

that would make my day!

But which island to go to?
Any opinions dear readers?

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I felt like I could have slept the day away.
I literally did not want to get out of bed this morning.

but the alarm goes off at four thirty and if I  had lay there for any length of time I would have been running late, and anyone who knows me knows I hate being late for anything.


I wish this was me on the beach in Florida, soaking up the warm rays and enjoying the sand and surf.

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