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Happy Birthday to my brother Ric   Leave a comment

here is my brother and his wife and her children in Canada

and here with his son Aaron

My brother Ric is 58 today

and I hope he has a very enjoyable birthday!


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missing my beach   Leave a comment

I am missing the waves and the seagulls floating around

I miss the warmth of the sun tanning me

I miss the calm and the cloudless skies


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down and blue   1 comment

today I want to jump ship

Today I would like to say to hell with it all and run away.

only trouble is, my bills would follow me


my sister and I go back and forth with this question, why can’t we be rich?
dang, it seems like that would be the answer to so many problems!
Okay in all reality I know it wouldn’t, but I’m just saying… would be simpler, easier with a lot of money

having said that, I am determined to get ahead this year and get some things paid off.

credit cards mainly.

I am about to throw my cell phone on the highway in front of me and drive over it.
I am so frustrated with it and not being able to use it like I should.
I need to get back into the Verizon store and demand a new one.

I tend to sabotage myself.
I often wonder why I do that?
Why do I do a lot of the things I do?
I have no answers.
maybe I secretly like being miserable?
Ha ha
no that is definitely not it.

I am only truly happy when I am with Keira Kayla and Aaron

the rest of the time I go through the motions.

maybe I am depressed?
who knows?
but today I would love to just get in my car and drive……..

unfortunately that would take money and right now I don’t have any to spare for a vacation


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