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a guy I use to work with, Tom Poggenpohl died this last Saturday.
I think he was about 65 years old

He was different and a lot of the time the man drove me crazy, with his coughing and never covering his mouth, and his inability to go with changes, but man this is sad for me.

He retired two years ago

I can’t believe it.
Just goes to show you that one never knows where your day to die is.

the paper didn’t say what he died of, but I do remember he had an awful cough and sometimes he had prostrate problems.

This makes me very sad


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the other day I called myself a water girl

but after looking at these pictures of mountains I realize I am a mountain girl too.

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I am reading the autobiograpy of Rob Lowe and I have to say it is quite interesting.
he is a handsome man and after seeing him on Live with Kelly a few weeks ago, I decided to pick up his book.

It is funny to read about him and Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillon, C Thomas Howell, Patrick Swayze and Tom Cruise when they were all young men and unknown.

is it a best seller?
no, but I am enjoying his walk down memory lane

And like I said, he is nice to look at


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My husband came home last night and said “22 weeks from today”
I looked at him and smiled and said
“Till you retire?”
and he smiled and said “YEP!”

he is so excited about it.
I hope it is everything he hopes it will be.

we have our vacation to the Grand Canyon in May, which is 9 weeks from Saturday and then our trip to Florida for his birthday is 22 weeks from tomorrow.

and then I am going to have a party for him on August 5th,  and before I know it, summer will be gone and winter will be on its way.

That’s alright though
I love the holiday season too.

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while I realize it is only February 22nd it feels like spring is in the air

and with spring means showers and thunderstorms and green grass and trees budding.
I am anxious for spring.

anxious to be outside walking and enjoying my back yard.


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I got to spend some quality time with my three youngest grandchildren yesterday

I love them so much!

We went to my son Matt’s house for supper and Matt and Rick worked on their shower and I played with the girls and Aaron.
Aaron, walks around like he owns the place and it is funny to watch him interact with the girls in their home.

Kayla gets a bit jealous if I am not paying attention to her every minute, but as Crystal told her, “You have to share Nana”


Nothing is this life, except for God, is as important to me as my grandchildren.

they truly are my heaven on earth.

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