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still day dreaming   1 comment

I would love to be standing at this railing and looking out on the ocean

listening to the seagulls chirping and having the sun warm my skin

I miss the ocean.


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a mother’s love   Leave a comment

my daughter and I are at odds, and no it isn’t the oldest one this time.

it is the youngest one.

I have said and done something that has upset her and while she says she isn’t mad at me, she is upset

I have to admit I am upset with her too and hate above anything else that she is making a mistake that one day she will regret

and while it is her mistake to make, I hate seeing her do it.

but I need to do what she needs me to do and I will, although I have to say it is very hard.

because I know she is wrong.

still, after my estrangement with my eldest child, I don’t want to lose my other daughter in the same way.

a mother’s love is the toughest thing in the world.

especially when you see your child make a huge mistake that will one day cost her.



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The Oscars   Leave a comment

I thought the Oscars were good and entertaining last night.

I missed out on a few hours of sleep staying up late to watch them but it was enjoyable.

the dresses were beautiful and the men were handsome.
According to Yahoo this morning Angelina Jolie was the best dressed woman.
I disagree.
I thought Natalie Portman or Viola Davis was.
As for the men, George Clooney looked handsome as did Mr Brad Pitt, although I wasn’t crazy about his hair, but I heard he is growing it for a role.

Christian Bale looked quite handsome too.

I always find it fun to look at the gowns and hair styles and just enjoy the glamour of this night.


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