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The Grey revisited   Leave a comment

having seen the movie “the Grey” again I have to say the whole concept touched me.
it isn’t only about man versus the wild, it is about man’s determination to beat the odds and survive.
In many way it was like the movie “The Edge” with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.
It was about surviving against all odds.
yes there were parts in it that was pure hollywood, no doubt about it, but hey it was a movie for entertainment value

It could be compared to “Cast Away” or “Into the Wild”  these movies were about man against nature or the elements in the world he was in.

Anyone who was looking for a deeper meaning should be reading the bible.

and  I realize no two people are alike and every one is entitled to their opinion.
I actually know people who hated “Cast Away” and all I have to say is, if being critical is what gets you through life, then so be it.
I am a person who looks at things positively

it must be a sad lonely world for those who have  to be so negative all of the time.

and while this was only a movie and not real life, it makes a person think.
Which is what going to the movies is all about, seeing a life outside of my own.

it’s enjoyment

Plain and simple

and I enjoyed this movie immensely.



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missing my Utah   Leave a comment

I’m thinking it is time to seriously think about going out West to Utah again.
So much of the state I haven’t even seen yet.
and it is my favorite state!  (thus far, I haven’t seen them all)
think Max and I should take a drive here in a few months before gas prices hit the $4 mark.
It would be fun to drive over to Utah and then down to the Grand Canyon, back through New Mexico, Texas and up to Iowa.
Of course I need to save some money before I go anywhere

Maybe I will shoot for May of 2013 to go.
Something to think about……….


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