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So I am looking into going back to school
the thought of it scares me some but I know I can do it.
I have a teacher here at my school who is incredibly supportive of me going, in her words “You are never too old, unless you are dead”
Well I am not dead!
So I want to do this!
I have a friend who is almost 56 and going back to school.

So if she can do it I know I can.
Without the cost of books, just the cost of classes, it will cost me $10,400

that is a nice chunk of change, but I am not worried about that.
I will make it just fine, I know I can do it.

My boss is quite supportive as well, so………

now I just need to get signed up, take the early requisites and get moving!
I hope to be going full-time by fall!
Wish me luck!


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I’m doing this writing class and one of the questions to get me to start writing is:
What is the  most exciting thing I can think of?

that is easy, it would be  if I won millions of dollars.
the choices would be endless.
I would travel the world and lavish my loved ones with presents.

I would own dozens of houses and travel from place to place filling up my life with culture and the beauty of this world.

another question is, what is the most dangerous thing you have ever seriously tempted to do?
This question is harder, because I am not a risk taker.
I honestly don’t think I have every tried anything dangerous……

not once…..

another question……..what is the most embarrassing or humiliating situation I have ever been in?
That one is easier.
I would say my most humiliating situation is when I fell in love with someone and he didn’t return that love, but kept stringing me along making me believe he did love me

embarrassing would be was about ten or twelve years ago when I would fall down, several times in a matter of weeks……for no reason at all………

(Strange I know)

another question is, what makes me really angry? What  makes my blood boil?
I get angry when people are inconsiderate, weather while driving or in a store, or where ever.
I get angry when someone falsely accuses me of something that isn’t true

I get angry when things don’t go my way.
I get angry when people are stupid

my blood boils when I hear of girls having babies and then killing them.
my blood boils when I hear of people abusing children

another question is, what is the most frightening thing I can think of?
Losing a child

Losing a grandchild
having one of my kids or grandkids tortured and or abused

I am scared to death of heights and snakes

I am scared of being in a confined space where I can’t move or see.
I am scared of the thought of a nuclear bomb going off and killing all of those that I love

the last question on the list in this book is, what was my childhood dream?
That is an easy one too, my childhood dream was to either be a nurse or a teacher


it’s rather fun to have someone give me subjects to write about.


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I have to wonder sometimes why I dream what I dream.
So stupid.
Not sure what possesses me to dream some of the crazy out there dreams.
They say your subconscious is at work, but I highly doubt that to be true since some of the dreams I dream are something I would never do in real life.
Just odd to me……..

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