chasing after that rainbow   Leave a comment

this is how I would describe me.
constantly chasing after that rainbow.

chasing after a dream…….

my sister Kathy told me once a while back that I must be running from something if I always want to be on vacation.
and at the time I thought ‘what do you know?”

but I think she may have hit on something.
I am always looking to the future, wanting to have this or that.

go here or there…..always searching….

when the person I am is standing right here…..

I went on three vacations last year, and I have one planned for this year.
Only one.
The reason for that is I need to start saving some money.
Rick will be retiring soon and I just need to learn to stop spending on every book or blouse or whatever I want.

But I do find myself to be a dreamer.
I am quite a lot like my mother was in that way.

Maybe I always will be?

Posted January 31, 2012 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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