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I love that song, “Alone again Naturally” by Gilbert O’Sullivan

not sure what it is I love about this song other than it just speaks to me.

I could listen to it over and over for hours.
Weird I know.

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wrapping my brain around this   Leave a comment



I’m trying to wrap my brain around this idea of snow.

we have been so spoiled with almost balmy temperatures that I just can’t seem to quite get it in my head that tomorrow it will be winter again.

I’m quite sure it will be real enough here in about twelve hours.

was I really in Florida two weeks ago?
Seems like a lot longer than that……

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so channel nine says we could get three inches tonight and another three inches tomorrow here in Iowa.
I love winter and I love looking out and seeing the snow freshly powdering the lawn, but I hate to shovel it here at my job.
I know call me a baby, but I do hate it.
And I have been lucky not to have to do it yet this school year.
however I am so not looking forward to it tomorrow……..

I can only imagine if we get six inches of snow and the winds blow like they say they will, there won’t be school.

but maybe that is just my wishful thinking.

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