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in out of the cold   Leave a comment

just came in to thaw out after shoveling snow again for the last hour.
it really isn’t that cold out.
34 degrees but the snow keeps falling.

it is actually quite pretty.

I didn’t mind the shoveling today.

not sure if that was because it was so warm out or because I just had three days off and I was rested up.
Whatever reason it is nice to have it done.
Tomorrow they are saying it is going to be freezing cold again with a lot of wind.
Not ready for that again at all.

on the up side the $100 boots my husband bought me over the weekend worked wonderful.

my toes didn’t get cold at all.

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here I am once again   Leave a comment

did I really just have three days away from this place?
Man those three days went by fast.
Hate it.
I would love to be at home and never work again.
That would be awesome!

My little sister should be flying home today from Washington after spending the last four days with her youngest daughter.
I hope she had a good time and I hope she has a safe trip home.

it snowed a bit and while I doubt I have to do much out there, I will check it here in a minute.
the best thing about today is, it is Tuesday, so there is only three more days after today before the weekend again.

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