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balmy, sinus headache and Monday again   Leave a comment

it is almost balmy out.
36 degrees.
I will take it.
love how warm it is and how I don’t have to go out and shovel snow.
I do have a sinus headache, I felt it coming on Saturday when I was at my sister’s andย  yesterday it was worse and today I made myself take some medicine.

hopefully it will kick in soon, because I’m sick of the headache already.

Where did the weekend go?
My gosh they do fly by!
here it is Monday again.
I have plenty to do to keep me busy here, but I would prefer to be at home reading a good book.

oh well…..

I did buy paint this weekend to paint my bedroom
My youngest child took my bedroom so I have moved into what was the grand daughter’s bedroom, but since they are only there one night a week I have decided their purple walls must go.
And I bet you won’t be able to guess what color the walls will be after they are painted?

Happy Monday everyone!


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