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so starting tomorrow I am going to shop around for a place to have my husband’s surprise retirement party.

he will be retiring in seven months or a little bit before that.

I don’t want him to know because I want it to be a surprise and hopefully his aunts and uncles that he never sees can make it so that there will be a good time visiting.

I don’t want to have to deal with food or making it either… there lies the planning.

where to have it and what will I have to pay to reserve a place.

Also I am taking him back to Florida for his birthday.

another surprise.

I would love to go to Arizona but it would be hotter than hell there in July so, we will go back to Florida again.

it is his first choice anyway.

he loves it there as do I.

so while it is quite a few months away, I want to get it all squared away before I run out of options.

A person only retires once in their lives.
And he deserves it.

Just have to make sure I can keep it a secret.
Shh….no telling!


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