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I haven’t done a top five lately   Leave a comment

I use to do a top five thing at least once a week and as I was sitting here trying to come up with a topic for this blog, I thought of the top five list.
This is the top five reasons it is a good day today

Five being great but one being wonderful


5) no snow to shovel

4) it is hump day

3) my children are all healthy and happy

2) my grandchildren are all healthy and wonderful

and the number one thing that makes today a great day!!!!!

(drum roll please)

1) Aaron is coming home today!!!!!

In all honestly God in my life is always the top number one thing, because through him I have all the wonderful blessings in my life, but aside from God, there is my top five.



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sometimes I just sits………..   Leave a comment

my mother in law had a saying that she hung on her wall.

it was a picture of an ape sitting down and the saying went

Sometimes I just sit and think……….and sometimes I just sits…………”

I love it.
here is a pic of me in the Denver zoo sitting with a statue of an ape.

we actually saw a real one who just sat there motionless even though I kept raving to him what a handsome boy he was.
he was unaffected.

He probably got told that about a hundred times a day.

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truer words were never spoken……….   Leave a comment


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