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Our precious grandson is sitting here in his high chair coloring

he is so dang adorable.

I am drinking a fruit smoothie for breakfast and he would rather have it then his cereal and banana.
So I am sharing and he is drinking that and a bit of his banana but has no interest in the cereal at all.

Aaron loves trains and one just blew their whistle and I look at him and he looks at me and smiles and says “Choo Choo!”  And I smile and say “Do you hear the choo choo train?”  and he just grins.

then he says to his papa “Papa! Choo Choo!”

he is so wonderful.
now he and his papa are going to go brush their teeth.
Coloring is done for a while.
I so love being Nana.

   (and yes he is a big time, thumb sucker)

I thank God daily for my wonderful grandchildren.


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