Should I or shouldn’t I?   Leave a comment

My husband gave me permission yesterday to get a dog.
I have my eye on a Saint Bernard on Craigslist.
And while in many ways I would love to have a dog….I also think of all the responsibility that goes with one.
Walking him, (even though we have a big yard), worrying about fleas and the mud he would drag in.
Feeding him, and cleaning up his dog droppings every day in the yard so the grandchildren wouldn’t be stepping in it when they went out to play…..

dog hair every where, on my clothes, on the furniture……

what if we wanted to go on vacation?
Who would take him?
Decisions, decisions……
What to do?

He would definitely be an inside dog, because I wouldn’t want one if I couldn’t have him inside.

so should I or shouldn’t I?
That is the question of the day……….

Posted May 31, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

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