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so I have decided it is time to expand the brain.
Time to look to the future and see if there isn’t something out there that interests me to the point where I can go back to school and do something else for the next fifteen years or so before I can retire.
I do know I DO NOT want to be a custodian any longer.

I like kids, but I am sick of the messes they make and sick to death of cleaning up after people.

So what interests me?
Writing is number one
I also like to do yard work and landscaping.

but that may be too hard on my back…..although I will not rule it out.
I am seriously thinking of taking a writing class or two at Kirkwood.
Maybe even do some online studies as well.

I am also going to take a course through the mail on Childhood physiology

because it interests me greatly and I have four grandchildren that I would like to understand and be closer to.

and if I was honest with myself, after writing, working with children would be of an interest to me.
Not saying I want to be a school teacher, (although I haven’t completely ruled that out)

but I do think being a social worker and or a physiologist to children, would be a job I would really like as well.

yes college………

what a giant step

and a scary step as well………

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Happy Birthday Aaron   Leave a comment

my wonderfully adorable grandson is one today!
Hard to believe!

where does the time go?
This is a picture of him and his parents from a couple of months ago.

and this is a picture of him in late March

he walks all over every where now and talks a bit.
Saying “ma ma, da da, pretty, no, nana”  and occasionally it sounds like he is saying “thank you”

he is a little ham and knows everyone adores him.

love him to pieces!

Thank you God for this wonderful little boy!

Happy Birthday little man!

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