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while I was killing time this morning I got online to check airfare prices to Las Vegas when I am on vacation the first full week of September.
To rent a car and to fly non stop from Cedar Rapids to Vegas for myself and my husband  it will be just a few dollars less than $800.

now I am not one hundred percent certain I am going.
but I do so want to see the Grand Canyon and Utah again.

not that they are going anywhere but still……it calls to me………

any hoo, I was thinking what I should do is work on getting some bills paid off, and then think of going to Arizona next year.
Maybe around my birthday again.

My husband is going to retire in a little over a year and once he does that we will have to pay for insurance out of our own pockets.
Some where between five and six hundred dollars a month.
so common sense says to get a few bills paid off so that five or six hundred dollars isn’t such a hard ship
So I don’t NEED to go on vacation this year.
I already did go on one so I could really use the money to go towards a bill or two……..

yes….that makes total sense……….



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ahh paradise   Leave a comment

now Mother Nature, this is more like it.
A complete paradise compared to the last two days.
Really yesterday wasn’t all that bad, but Tuesday was miserable.
I so love the cooler temperatures.
So love the soft breeze blowing and the cool air floating around me.
And the sun shining brightly with a few clouds occasionally dancing in the sky.

Posted May 12, 2011 by Marge in ramblings