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the greatest thing in the world   Leave a comment

there are a lot of things in life to enjoy

the sun, the changing of the seasons, a good wine, an excellent meal……

love…………hugs and warmth from a fire place….a cool breeze off the ocean,

but nothing and I do mean NOTHING competes with the wonderful awesome incredibly beautiful feeling of having my grandchildren wrap their arms around me and give me a hug.

I so adore them all.

There is nothing in this life as wonderful or as great as my grandchildren.
They are all wonderful exceptionally fantastic gifts from God.

I am so lucky to have all four of them in my life.

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New author   Leave a comment

I found a new author yesterday and I read her paper back in a little over a day

The book is called “Saint Maybe” and it is written by Anne Tyler.
the book was published in 1991, but she also wrote “The Accidental Tourist” and that was made into a movie.

she has about a half a dozen or so more books and maybe a lot more than that by now since this is an older book

I will have to read more of her as this book was quite good and hard to put down.

Good thing my sister got me a gift card to Barnes and Noble for my birthday.

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Friday the 13th   2 comments

that is today’s date, Friday the 13th.
I use to be superstitious and worry about things like this.
But I don’t any longer
because now I think a person makes their own luck, or lack of it.
A date on a calendar can not make my day good or bad.
It it up to me to do that.

the worst thing about today is, I have to be back in here tomorrow for a 80th birthday part for my school

assine to me to say the least, but what does one do?
I have to give up half of my weekend to be here for these people to wish this building a happy birthday.

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