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Doomsday/ Judgement Day May 21st 2011   1 comment

have you heard?
Saturday is doomsday!
According to some people there will be a horrific world-wide earthquake and those who are Christians will be lifted to the Lord, those that aren’t, will live in hell here on earth until October 21st 2011 when God will destroy the earth.
Do you believe it?

are you scared?

Not only do I not believe it, I don’t understand why people think it is necessary to tell others that Saturday is Judgement Day just because this is what they believe the Bible says.
I don’t think it will happen.
But if it does, then at least I will know that all four of my grandchildren will be in Heaven.
That is the most comforting thought for me.

Will I be lucky enough to go to Heaven, should the world have Doomsday this Saturday?
Probably not.
But if not, then I will deal with what I have to deal with.
As will many others that I love and care about.

What do you think?
Do you think the world as we know it will be gone on Saturday?
Leave me your thoughts!!!

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New diet   Leave a comment

so I have decided I am going to try something new.
I am going to start counting calories, something I have never done before.
I’m going to try to stick to a 1500 calorie diet or less and drink water as my only source of refreshment except supper time I will have a glass of milk with dinner.

and of course exercise more.

I had a bowl of strawberries for breakfast and I have been running ragged for the last hour working here at the school.

Yes I worked up a sweat and feel less than fresh now, but it felt good.
I can feel my stomach objecting and feeling hungry but I will just drink a bottle of water and not eat again until lunch.

I was told years ago by a woman who now, shares my grandson with me   🙂

that to lose weight one needs to drink a large glass of water ten minutes before a meal, and to only eat until you feel full.

then stop.

drink plenty of water between meals and nothing else.

And she is a thin as can be.

So now (25 years later) I am going to do it.

I need to lose 55 pounds and I am determined to get this weight off by my next birthday, which is ………346 days away.


wish me luck!

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