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Judgement Day   Leave a comment

so today is the day
Today is the day that all Christians will be taken to Heaven today and the rest of the world will live in total hell, until October 21st 2011 when God will destroy the earth.

IF today is Judgement Day, wouldn’t we know it by now?
There are countries hours ahead of us, and if this was really Judgement Day, wouldn’t they be seeing this come true by now?

If today is Judgement Day I am ready for it.
I know my grandchildren will all be sent to Heaven.
And all those that are good will go as well.

If I died today I have no doubt I will go to Heaven.
not to toot my own horn, but I believe I am a good person.
NO I may not be sitting on God’s lap in Heaven.
I’m not quite that sweet or good.
But I do believe there is a place for me in Heaven.

And that is a good feeling and the reason why I am not afraid to die.

Whatever you believe, I hope you have a great day and spend it with those you love.

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