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Osama Bin Laden dead   Leave a comment

Osama Bin Laden was killed.
America is celebrating.
I have mixed emotions about it.
I am thrilled that they finally got him, but I am scared to death of the retaliation that country is going to embark on the United States.
I just don’t believe this act will go unpunished.
He has children and people who worked for him, and I just think it is quite scary to think of what they are going to do to get back at us.

I wish we could live in a world where there was no need for war and murder.

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Happy Birthday to me   2 comments

fifty years ago today I was born.
At five thirty in the morning.
I know from my mother telling me that she was quite disappointed that I was a girl.
She wanted me to be a son very badly.

but alas, a female is what I am.
No great plans for today except going out to dinner this afternoon.

Posted May 2, 2011 by Marge in ramblings