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seriously thinking   Leave a comment

I am seriously thinking of getting a dog.
why you may ask?
Simply because I yearn for the companionship of a dog.

I know sometimes I think to myself, it is nice to not have to be home to worry about this or that.
A dog would keep me accountable ……and right now I am not accountable to anything.

so I am debating.

I think I would like a golden retriever or and english terrier.

I love love love St Bernard’s.
but I doubt my husband will like me having a dog that big.

StillĀ  I am thinking……….about it…………all………

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what to do with myself today?   Leave a comment

the vacation is already half over and winding down quickly.
Today I am wondering what to do with myself.
I just got a call from my youngest son to go and get his girls from daycare later so I guess that will take care of part of the day.

and I get my little man later too.

I plan to finish up my spring cleaning this morning and work on the stuff in the attic as well.

always stuff to do in the attic.

Posted May 5, 2011 by Marge in ramblings