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Thank you God   Leave a comment

The Good Lord answered my prayers without me even asking Him to.

It is raining, Thank the Lord, so therefore our little 80th birthday party for my school building, is going to be indoors.
Makes me the happiest woman in the state of Iowa right now.
I was dreading loading all this crap outside and then worrying if it might rain on it?
Electrical stuff and rain just don’t mix well.

Anyway……….I am quite thankful to the Lord for making it rain.
It has made my day.

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extreme weather   Leave a comment

the saying goes, wait and the weather will change in a blink of an eye in Iowa.
Okay it hasn’t been a blink of an eye but the weather does change from one extreme to another.
Last Tuesday it was ninety plus degrees, Wednesday it was close to ninety.

and today it isn’t even fifty-five and it is rainy and cold.

Just so odd how the weather changes.

We even turned the heat back on this morning.

Just insane.

Posted May 14, 2011 by Marge in ramblings