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The Innocent Man   Leave a comment

I just finished a really good book titled “The Innocent Man” written by John Grisham

it is a true story of a man named Ron Williamson who was wrongly convicted of a murder in Ada Oklahoma in 1987

he was innocent  and spent eleven years in prison, living a life of hell before he was  later proved  innocent  through DNA.
It is a great read and I highly recommend it.

I do have to say that I find it incredibly sad how the police officers and district attorney back then lied, cheated and did their best to accuse and convict   Ron and the man who they was sure helped in the murder, Dennis Fritz.   of a crime they did not commit.

I highly recommend you read  it!!!
You won’t be sorry!

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Taylor Swift   Leave a comment

Yes she is adorably cute and  pretty.
(Although I hate her hair)

she is quite talented and is gifted in the art of writing songs.

however I hate the song “Mean”

her new current song out on country radio.

For one thing it repeats itself in what seems like a thousand times!
Talk about getting old quickly.
Every time the radio plays it, I have to turn it to another radio station before the song is over, simply because she says the same thing over and over and over………and over and over and over……….(get my drift?)


Most of her songs, are cute and catchy and fun to sing.
This song “Mean” is just down right stupid.
Get over it and move on please!

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Play me some old Alabama   Leave a comment

Brad Paisley has a new song out called “Play me some old Alabama” and right now it is the top country song in the nation.
If you listen to country radio at all, I’m sure you have heard it.
The group Alabama was huge in the 80’s and I think it is quite neat how Brad Paisley brings them to the forefront with this song.

It is quite catchy and fun to sing along with and even the Alabama men, sing in it.

Of course like every other song on the radio they play it so much I am quite sick of it.
I heard it twice coming in to work this morning on my twenty-minute commute.
Of course I changed the radio station too so that was why.
my favorite type of music is oldies from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s old-time rock and roll, but I love old country too.
And new country but not as much as I like the older stuff.
Must be because I am getting older.

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