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wouldn’t it be cool?   Leave a comment

wouldn’t it be cool if the temperatures were like they were on Saturday, all year around?
Mid seventies to 80 degrees with a sun filled sky and a nice breeze?
That was truly paradise

Love it when the temperatures are like that and it isn’t unbearably hot or too cool.

Wouldn’t it be cool, if money was never an issue for anyone?
Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an ending to all war and there was peace here on earth?
wouldn’t it be cool to own hundreds of acres of land, with majestic mountains and a beautiful lake?
wouldn’t it be cool that when someone says I love you, they mean it forever and never break your heart?
wouldn’t it be cool to have a house on the beach facing the ocean?

wouldn’t it be cool to not have racism and everyone loved each other with out prejudices?

wouldn’t it be cool if your children listened to you and never made the same mistakes you did?

wouldn’t it be cool if marriage meant life long fidelity to that person?

and wouldn’t it be cool if everyone believed in God and people could learn to be nice to each other the way God wants us to be?


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Monday blahs   Leave a comment

here it is Monday morning again.
It is dark out, like it could storm any minute and I am here at work.
No ambition to be here, but alas…..I am here none the less.
Today is day one of nine days we have left of this school year.
Can’t get over soon enough if you ask me.
it will be a busy nine days getting things set up and torn down for various musical concerts and other things the principal has planned for the end of the year activities.

the weekend as usual went by so quickly.

I hate that.
hate how they just fly and now I am back to work again.

But I know I should be thankful for a job, and I am.

I have no reason’s to complain.
And I don’t mean to come across as complaining.
I just often wonder………….isn’t there more to life than this?

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